Promotional Materials

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eBook Formatting (Kindle/ePub)* $104 Flyers (per side) $24
PDF Formatting/Typesetting (Paperback)* $64Audiobook Cover** $14
Facebook/Twitter Cover Images (per image) $24 Simple Book Trailer         
Shareable Badges/Profile Icon (set of two) $14 Goodreads Book Page Set-Up $6
Bookmarks/Post Cards/Business Cards (1X Side) $24 PSD File (Book Cover) $94
Bookmarks/Post Cards/Business Cards (2X Side) $38 PSD File (Misc. Promo Images) $24
Promotional Graphic (For Online Use) $24 Extra Mock-Ups (per hour fee) $24
Virtual Book Tour Media Kit $44 Revisions (per hour fee) $24
Etsy Shop Banner $24

* Maximum of three embedded images per eBook.
** For books with covers I designed.
Red Strikethrough » Service Temporarily Unavailable

I no longer design custom Facebook or Twitter cover photos.
  • 8/5/16: New specials are coming soon!
When you're a self-published author, writing a book is half the battle. What comes next is more sinister still. Covers! Formatting! Promotional tools! Blurbs! Chances are that you have limited experience with  these tasks, so I'm here to help. :-)
As follows are my policies.

Printing: Overnight Prints is excellent for printing promotional materials. Be sure to google "Overnightprints coupons" before you order—I've found some pretty good discounts that way! (I can even send you an email referral if you'd like.)

Revisions: I am always happy to make revisions; however, I may ask for an additional $24/hr revision fee if your volume of revision requests is particularly substantial.

Payment: I am currently asking for a 50% downpayment prior to beginning work on your project. Once I get started, this will become non-refundable. Paypal is preferred. I will issue refunds on a case-by-case basis depending on the factors necessitating the refund.

To get started, please send me a message via the Contact page. My current turnaround is 2-3 days. Thanks for looking and I hope to work with you soon!