Friday, November 15, 2013

Hi there! My name's Kat, and I write novels and design things. Although the styles present in my portfolios are a good representation of what I do best, don't hesitate to contact me if you're looking for something else—I may be able to help! (Speaking of which, the genres I particularly enjoy designing for are young adult and literary fiction.) However, please be aware that I don't design traditional high fantasy covers or "steamy"/Harlequin-esque romance covers at this time, as I feel my style is not a good match for the aesthetic these genres require.

My long-term side goal is to share some cover makeovers, tips and tricks for DIY cover artists, and various updates about things I find interesting in the writing/design world over on my blog. I also want to show you guys what goes into the making of a cover, particularly what the images look like before I work on them and how everything comes together.

Thanks again for stopping by and congratulations on your new writing endeavor!

(P.S. I would love the opportunity to work with small independent publishers and book tour companies on a contract/long-term basis. Shoot me an email so that we can discuss rates!)