Blog Design Services

Custom Blog/Website Design (5-hour maximum) $124 Custom Header $24
Custom Social Media Buttons (limit 7) $14 Blog Logo (favicon included) $24
Additional Modifications (per hour fee) $24

  • The COMPREHENSIVE BLOG/WEBSITE PACKAGE ($150) is ideal for anyone who wants a fully branded website or blog complete with a logo, header, and social media buttons. (Total Savings: $36) 
1. I only design for Blogspot/Blogger at this time. (Sorry, Wordpress users!)

2. Please let me know in advance how you're going to use your site. Do you plan to blog and engage with readers frequently, or do you need a space to share static information? (As an example: although they look nearly identical, functions as a blog while functions as a strictly informative website.)

3. If you know of any existing blog designs you would like me to emulate, send me some links! Be sure to tell me what you like about the design—that'll give me a better idea of what you envision the end product to look like.

4. I am currently asking for a 50% downpayment prior to beginning work on your custom blog and/or website. Once I begin work on your blog design, this will become non-refundable.

5. If the style/look you're wanting isn't currently represented in my portfolio, don't fret! Shoot me a message and I'll let you know if it's something I can handle.

6. My current turn-around time is 3-7 days.