Custom Book Covers

Need a custom-made book cover? You're in the right place! In addition to offering pre-made covers, I am currently offering four design services for custom eBook and paperback covers:

No-Obligation Custom eBook Covers

I'm currently available to design custom eBook covers for new clients, but with an unorthodox approach: I'll create a pre-made design based on your description and share it with you privately. If you like it and want to purchase it, that's great! If it's not what you were looking for, I will list it as a pre-made cover and you're under no obligation to purchase the design. The initial cover's text will be similar to your own (for example, "Blood Fields" might become "Black Fields"), and any details too specific to your book will be omitted from the initial pre-made design.

  • Revisions available for $24/hr
  • Available to new and established clients alike 
  • Does not apply to text-only or spine + back cover add-on services
  • Paperback spread upgrades available

Custom Cover (No-Obligation)        
eBook Cover Design

Custom eBook Covers (Established Clients Only)

If we've worked together on a custom and/or pre-made cover before, you are considered an established client. While you are always welcome to request a no-obligation cover no matter how many times we've worked together, please note that unless your volume of revision requests is particularly substantial, it's very unlikely you'll need to pay for revisions with this option!

Custom Cover (Established Clients)
eBook Cover Design

Text-Only Cover Design 

Using cover artwork provided by the author, I'll handle the design/placement of all text elements needed to complete the design.

Text-Only Design
eBook Cover (Text Only)

Spine + Back Cover Add-On

I can create an Amazon-ready paperback spread for your eBook cover.

  • Simple ($44): Consists of a solid color/lightly textured background and your spine/blurb text; re-using the front cover artwork is also a popular option. A small design element from the front cover may be included on the back and/or spine if desired; barcodes, publishing logos, and an additional line of text (ex: quote, review, website URL, etc) can be included as well.
  • Complex ($74): This typically involves incorporating new design elements and allows for text-heavy back cover layouts (ex: contains book title, multiple reviews, blurb, website URL, publishing logo, elements from front cover, author photo, and author bio). Your rate may increase depending on the number of new elements added.
  • I will need your novel's trim size, paper color, and final formatted page count before beginning work on your paperback cover. 
  • To see examples of simple versus complex back cover designs, click here.

Spine + Back Cover Add-On » Simple
Spine + Back Cover Add-On » Complex

Stock Photos: If you'd like to check out stock image options beyond what's available through my current stock subscriptions, I would recommend Dreamstime (affiliate link) in particular. All images and designs elements I use to create my designs have been licensed for commercial use.

Printing: I regularly format paperback spreads for Amazon's KDP print-on-demand service (formerly Createspace). I have limited experience with formatting paperback covers for Ingram, and I do not create hardcover spreads at this time.

Revisions: I am always happy to make adjustments to your cover; however, I may ask for an additional $24/hr revision fee if your volume of revision requests is particularly substantial.

 In the interest of working as efficiently as possible, I've moved away from creating mock-ups using low-resolution "comp" images and now try to work with licensed images from the start if at all possible. If you plan to license stock images from a site like or, please be aware that any changes I make to a "comp" image will need to be replicated later for the full-resolution/licensed version.

Payment: Using PayPal, I currently invoice 50% upfront for custom covers and 100% for text-only designs and spine/back cover add-ons. I will issue refunds (if needed/requested) on a case-by-case basis.

PSD (Source) Files: Source files are not included with the cost of your cover. If the licensing restrictions of the images used in your design permit it, you may be able to purchase the PSD file for an additional fee.

Legal/Licensing Terms: 
In addition to using the design as your book's cover, you can use the cover (exactly as it was designed) on promotional materials (bookmarks, postcards, products intended for giveaways rather than resale, etc), but you might not be able to sell products where the book cover constitutes the main value of the item itself (ex: printed as-is on t-shirts, mugs, and the like) depending on the licensing restrictions of images used in your design. If you would like to be able to sell this kind of merchandise, let me know and I'll do my best to source images without these restrictions for your cover.

Credit: While a credit line on your Copyright page (ex: Book Cover Design by KM Writing & Design » is appreciated, it isn't required!

To get started, please send me a message via the Contact page. My current turnaround for initial designs is roughly 3-5 days for No-Obligation covers, 4-6 days for Custom Covers, 1-4 days for Text-Only Designs and Simple Paperback Spreads, and 2-5 days for Complex Paperback Spreads. Thanks for looking and I hope to work with you soon!