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What services do you offer? I offer custom and pre-made eBook designs, paperback spread upgrades for Createspace and IngramSpark, promotional material designs, and templates for Blogspot websites/blogs.

What services do you not offer? I currently do not offer custom illustration services or book trailer services. I hope to offer custom interior formatting (paperback and eBook) services again in 2019.

How soon can I expect a response from you? It can take me 1-3 days to respond to an initial inquiry and 1-2 days from the time of your response to respond back to you and/or send an invoice. If you need rush services, please contact me and I'll see what I can do! I am currently looking into email alternatives that might make the back/forth process more efficient.

Do I need to credit you as my designer?
While credit is always appreciated, it's not required! My business URL is kmwritingdesign.com and I use "Kat Mellon Writing & Design" and "KM Writing & Design" interchangeably; either is fine!



My book is part of a series. Can you design additional covers to match a particular pre-made design? In 99% of cases, yes! (The only exception is for custom-illustrated designs because I no longer design in this style.)

My book hasn't been written yet, isn't finished, and/or doesn't have a title. Can I still purchase a pre-made design?  Yes! You can purchase it at any time and the design will be kept safe—just contact me when you're ready to use it.

I want you to change an aspect of a pre-made design to have it better suit my novel. Is this possible? Almost always! Please let me know what changes you have in mind and I'll examine the source file to verify.

How long will it take to get my cover? It usually takes me less than a day to prepare a pre-made cover with your title and name; for any substantial adjustments to the design, please allow for an additional 1-3 days (and another 1-2 days from your email response for any revisions on top of that).


Custom Covers

What information do you need in order to create a custom cover (no-obligation or otherwise)? I will need your title, author name, any additional text elements you'd like me to include if applicable (series name, review, tagline, etc), and a detailed description of what you're looking for. I consider examples of covers you like to be extremely important and essential—covers sent as links, attachments, or compiled into a Pinterest board are always a great help to me.

What genres do you typically handle? I mostly design covers for literary fiction, dystopia, sci-fi, contemporary romance, and poetry/short story collections within the larger adult, new adult, and young adult genres.

What genres do you avoid? Because I tend to gravitate toward contemporary design styles, I don't feel like I'm a good fit for high/traditional fantasy, Westerns, or traditional romance (think Harlequin novels).

How long will it take? It typically takes me 3-7 days to create an initial design and 1-3 days per additional round of revisions.

  What happens if I don't like the cover design? Let me know that the design isn't what you're looking for and give specific examples as to where I went wrong—if you'd like, I can even create a new design based on this feedback. (If I'm completely off the mark, it can be a sign of one of three things: my style isn't a good fit for your genre's aesthetic, the artwork needs to be custom-illustrated, or I haven't seen enough examples of covers you like to fully understand what you're looking for.) This is precisely why I provide no-obligation design services for new and old clients alike—I don't want you to feel obligated to purchase a cover you don't like!

I'm a new client.  What are my options when you're closed to offering custom cover designs? For brand-new clients, I'm still available for text-only designs, pre-made cover revisions, additional covers to match an existing pre-made cover, and informal pre-made cover requests (submit one here!). If you are an established client and/or have contacted me about a custom design previously, your projects (current or future) will not be affected. Note: If you're a new client who knows exactly what you want your design to look like, I might still be able to help you—please contact me with your idea!


Paperback Upgrades

Can you add a spine and back cover to any eBook cover (even if you didn't design the front cover)? Absolutely!

What information do you need in order to create a paperback spread? I need a high-resolution JPG of your eBook cover (if I don't already have it), distributor name (Createspace, Ingramspark, etc), trim size, paper color (white or cream), and final formatted page count. If you are using Ingramspark, please provide a template (PDF format only) generated to your specifications by clicking here. If you are using another distributor, please include as much information as you can about their printing guidelines/specifications.

Do you need my final formatted page count in order to begin working on the paperback upgrade? Yes. I typically hold off on the spine/back cover design until the final formatted page count is ready to go, as it determines the width of your novel's spine.

How much does it cost? A simple upgrade is $44 and a complex upgrade is $74. (More info here!)

What paper color should I use? I typically recommend cream paper for fiction and white paper for non-fiction.

What trim size should I use? 5" x 8", 5.5" x 8.5", and 6" x 9" are commonly used trim sizes. If your novel isn't very long, consider a smaller trim size to increase the physical book's thickness; similarly, consider the 6" x  9" size for a longer novel to reduce printing costs.

Can you create a hardback cover spread? I do not formally offer hardback formatting services at this time—however, if you are willing to be a guinea pig of sorts while I learn more about it, I am definitely willing to try! (Please specify if you would plan to use laminate or have a dust jacket.)


Blogspot Templates

Custom templates: how does it work? You will need to create a Blogspot site using your Google account and add me as an administrator (instructions here: http://www.kmwritingdesign.com/p/how-to.html ). There are a few steps you'll need to take to link your domain name to your Blogspot site, which I can help walk you through once I have admin access.

Can I have a blog and a static website? Absolutely! If you'd like a static home page and to have your blog accessible in a menu tab (instead of your blog posts being the first thing someone sees when they visit your main website), you will need to create a second blog (using the same Google account) to use exclusively for publishing posts.
  • Both sites would have the exact same template and look virtually identical. An example of how this would work: if someone clicked the 'blog' link on yourauthorwebsite.com, they'd be taken to your blog—if they click on anything that isn't a blog post while they're there (such as a 'Contact' or 'Books' page), they will be sent over to the appropriate page on yourauthorsite.com. 

Pre-Made templates: how does it work? Please visit my Etsy shop to view all available pre-made Blogspot templates. They come with instructions and are easy to install!

Are you planning to offer Wordpress design services in the future? Not at this time.


Can I have the PSD (source) file for my cover?
If the licensing restrictions of the images used allow it, a streamlined/user-friendly version of the PSD file can be purchased for an additional fee. PSD/source files are not included with your book cover/promotional material purchase.

Can I use my cover on items to resell or give away (t-shirts, mugs, etc)?
In addition to its intended use as your book's cover, you can use the cover (exactly as it was designed) on promotional materials (bookmarks, postcards, etc), but you might not be able to sell standalone reproductions of the cover or products bearing just the artwork/book cover by itself (i.e. the book cover cannot constitute the main value of the item itself; printed as-is on t-shirts, mugs, and the like for example) depending on the licensing restrictions of images used in your design. You can purchase Extended Licenses from the image's original stock site for an additional fee. Please contact me if this is of interest to you and I will double-check the licensing restrictions of all images used in your design.