Thanks for trusting me with your new and improved blog design!

In order to implement your new blog design, you will first need to grant me temporary administrator-level access. Provided are screenshots of how to add me so that I can re-design your blog. (If you haven't yet created a blog, please do so before proceeding to step two.)

1. Visit
2. Click on "Settings" near the bottom of the left-hand column. 
3. Click "Add authors," type in my email address (kat at katmellon dot com), and press "Invite Authors." 

4. Once I receive the notification email and "accept" authorship, you'll need to go back to that same page and change my role from "Author" to "Admin." 

If you don't anticipate needing me to make any changes or updates to the site and/or template on your behalf, you can remove me as an admin/author once I have completed your new blog design!