Pre-Made Covers

To purchase or inquire about a pre-made cover, please submit a form through my Contact page. Adding your author name and title (and tagline if applicable) is included in my pricing; additional revisions can be purchased for $24 an hour and include changes such as incorporating a new element into the design or changing a model’s hair color. (If you'd like to purchase a cover now but need more time to finalize your title, that’s completely fine—just email me when you’re ready to use it!) Paperback upgrades start at $44 and can be purchased at any time. (Note: Designs with a "+" next to the price have multiple variations—please click on the image to view.)



It finally happened—my hard drive was majorly corrupted. While most of my pre-made covers were backed up, a handful of favorites weren't so lucky. It's unlikely that I can re-work these covers in a way that will allow me to replace the current title with your own—therefore, they have been heavily discounted (50%+ off original price) and are being sold with the title as-is. (Because the background is not so busy behind the author name, that text can be removed and changed.) I hope they will fit an existing story of yours or perhaps inspire a new one (just in time for NaNoWriMo)!

Legal stuff: In addition to its intended use as your book's cover, you can use the cover (exactly as it was designed) on promotional materials (bookmarks, postcards, etc), but you can't sell reproductions of the cover and might not be able to sell products bearing just the artwork/book cover by itself (i.e. the book cover cannot constitute the main value of the item itself; printed as-is on t-shirts, mugs, and the like for example) depending on the licensing restrictions of images used in your design.

Although you aren't required to credit me as your cover designer, you can't credit someone who isn't me for creating the design, nor can you claim that you own any of the elements or images that went into the design (unless you actually provided the image to me and either own the image or have secured the appropriate exclusive licensing agreement for that image).

• If you're looking to purchase a pre-made cover for a novel that is part of a series, I would be happy to design additional/complementing covers for any and all subsequent novels in the series!

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Additional/Complementing Covers
Please contact me for a quote.

• If you already have an eBook cover, I can add a spine and back cover and prepare a Createspace-ready paperback spread for you. (Read more about it here.)

• If one of my pre-made covers is close to what you had in mind but would need some adjustments to make it just right, I will gladly make those changes for you!

Pre-Made eBook Cover Revisions

(Designs with a "+" next to the price have an optional pre-made spine and back cover available as a $24 add-on—please click on the image to view!)